“Thug Motivation”

"Thug Motivation" by Bags of Money

I know you probably read the title of this post and wondered what I would be writing about.  I hoped it would catch your attention.  In 2007, while working for CBS News, I received a book in the mail titled “Thug Motivation” by Bags of Money (ISBN:  978-0-615-16152-5).  I originally thought the book was a joke, but eventually read all 113 pages.

Although the book is not written with correct grammar or punctuation, the author does convey a great message for anyone. The book covers several themes, including making good decisions, giving back to your community, increasing self-esteem.

People don’t care about age, they only care about what U can do.  U can do anything U wish at any age U wish. So, when a voice inside tells U, “it’s over. U too old for that”, recognize a hater.  Kill that noise by committing mental suicide and then began yo life over, Thug Motivated.

Be born again and use your creative nature to write on that blank tablet we place in our minds.  As we write on this tablet, we will recreate ourselves and create riches that come at any age. (pg. 74)

I didn’t grow up in the hood, but this book speaks to anyone.  I wish it was still in print so that I could purchase some copies for some other people.

"Thug Motivation" by Bags of Money